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The Adamaoua Region

The Adamoua region is one of the ten administrative regions of Cameroon. Ngaoundéré is its main city. Other major towns include Banyo, Tibati and Tignère.

The region is sparsely populated and is mainly inhabited by the Fulbe people, whose livelihood is primarily cattle breeding.

The region benefits from a mixture of topographical and meteorological features. It is to a greater extent a savannah, partly mountainous with points of forest, and also benefits from some patches of hilly landscape crossed by meandering rivers.

This region is home to a number of notable rivers including: Mayo Deo River, Faro River, Mbéré River, Logone River, Sanaga River, Vina River among others. It is for this reason that Adamaoua is known as the water tower of Cameroon.

Most of these rivers emanate from mountains such as Mambila and Gotel and flow into Lake Chad, the Niger River or the Atlantic Ocean. other water bodies in the area include Lake Mbalang and Lake Tizon.

This region borders Nigeria and the Central African Republic. It is therefore not uncommon to see a massive influx of non-citizens from neighboring countries.

Socializing in Adamawa

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Escortes from Adamaoua

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